Instruction manual, take one.


I never treated my blog like an instruction manual. Thus explaining why my close perusal of past entries regarding the start of IVF yields no info about where in the tummy the injections are supposed to go.

Therefore, for future reference (as I’ve just talked to the clinic), inject the Buserelin an inch from the tummy button. Underneath, not above.

Of course, today I injected it like three inches from TMD’s tummy button. But it’s still early days, only injection number two, so hopefully that doesn’t acutely mess things up. Tomorrow we go back into the target zone.

And folks? This is probably only the beginning of the IVF freak outs. Just thought I’d mention that. We still have my suppression injections to start, then my stimming injection, then the infamous trigger shot. Are you excited yet?


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One Response to “Instruction manual, take one.”

  1. evelynnross Says:

    For my IUI’s, I was also able to put the injections to the side of the belly button. That will give you a little extra room to avoid bruising in just one place. Switch the spot every injection. I used to go Left, Right, Bottom, repeat. 🙂
    Good luck! Sticky baby vibes going out for you!

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