I don’t mean to be a disgusting braggart of a mother, but Coconut is kicking ASS at gymnastics. This place is mega awesome, a top training gym in Country B. So while this is a mere toddler and parent session, they have all the professional equipment, and when the kids get one on one instruction they are taught to do everything with poise and with an aim to higher level gymnastics. But the main focus is fun, with no pressure, so they learn to do all this crazy shit at their own pace.

Ok, I have to brag. Forward rolls are discouraged until they are taught in their formal classes, I guess because they don’t want your kid to learn bad habits. (No forward rolls, but no problem letting your kid hang from a bar over an eight foot pit and just drop. Whatevs.)

So today the instructor heard us talking about flips and offered to teach Coconut, despite this not really being on offer. coconut was asked to climb onto the long trampoline (I think this gets them used to the run up to a vault) so she could show her how to flip. Coco taught herself how to flip shortly after her first birthday, so she climbed up and motherfucking flipped like a boss. The coach was like. ‘What the fuck! That shit was awesome!’ And probably more impressed because everyone thinks Coco is younger as she is very petite.

A petite powerhouse.

A petite powerhouse who had her third gymnastics session today and ended up with loads of one on one coaching. Fucking dismounts from the full size beam, trampoline instruction, forward roll stuff, high jumps into the ‘pit’, etc.

My problem is that I’m really proud of her. I don’t want my crazy expectations or hopes to colour her time at the gym. If she likes it, brilliant. My goal is to help my kids discover the things that make their souls light up….not to make them feel like they have to be the best at everything. I want them to dwell in joy for as long as possible.

But she can’t read my blog yet. So just for your eyes, SHE WAS SO AWESOME.


3 Responses to “Gymnastics.”

  1. Lyssie Says:

    That sounds amazing, and for the record it sounds like you’re being enthusiastic and supportive. That’s very different to pushy and hopefully she’ll be able to understand that and keep enjoying it.

    Seriously though, go Coconut!!

  2. Brian Says:

    So in 2024 which Olympic team will she be on, Country A or B?

  3. Christy Says:

    That is awesome! Brag away! Way to go Coconut.

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