Effity eff.


Dude. Snort is having his egg challenge tomorrow. Except I bet he won’t. He had a cold yesterday, and today it has morphed into breathing problems.

At first I was annoyed and disappointed about the fact the egg challenge would probably be cancelled. Now I’m just hoping we don’t need to take him in to hospital today for breathing.

I guess he may just need to be on brown inhalers this winter, too. Fucking bummer. Then again, he’s not been allowed any antihistamine as we were expecting the allergy testing. I’ll call in a bit and if it’s cancelled I’ll hit him up with the anti sneezies. In the meantime he’s not too keen on his blue breathies. Not too keen at all.

My spidey sense says we will possibly need the hospital. In the meantime I’ve got him propped up on a pile of pillows, inhalers every two hours, vics on his chest and plenty of cuddles. TMD is working late, so the sucks my arse.

I am trying not to worry about the new egg challenge conflicting with IVF, but my worry about his breathing will probably distract me. How nice of it.

Hoe you are all having a better day than us.

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