Effity eff part two.


For those parents reading who have allergy kids, note: if your kid uses their rescue inhaler within forty eight hours of a food challenge, it’s automatically rescheduled. In case you needed that info. I guess our possible future of eating eggs is on hold.

In other news, we went to the doctor. Snort was nowhere near as bad as he can be, but it felt like the start of a very familiar trajectory. So we went. I was a bit abashed, as the doctor said he was really fucking wheezing and had retractions. Normally I wait till it is a lot worse, but apparently even at his ‘best’, he’s still quite poorly.

So he’s back on steroid inhalers for the winter, and score! We were given the oral steroid tablets that we normally have to go through hell and back to get. Hopefully this nips everything in the bud and no hospital admission is on the books. Egg or otherwise. Ah, I crack myself up. Get it? Crack?

Anyway. The other thing is that he’s now been given the official diagnosis of asthma. It has always been called viral wheeze before. It’s unusual to diagnosis a kid before age five because you can’t do any diagnostic tests, but the doctor was pretty convinced. When every cold lands you in the hospital, when you respond very well to therapeutic steroids, etc etc.

Snort is also complaining of tummy pain. The doctor said, ‘of course it hurts. Look at how he’s breathing.’ I sort of scoffed at that, until I thought that he was last a baby when the asthma was uncontrolled, so maybe it had hurt his tummy, but he didn’t have the words to tell us.

Onward and upward to a day filled with cuddles, tv, and a couch bed.


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One Response to “Effity eff part two.”

  1. pajamamommas Says:

    Effity eff, indeed. Glad he’s feeling better and you’ve got the right meds to prevent this in the future. But sorry about the diagnosis and the feeling crummy and the handling it on your own.

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