Baby número tres.



I really need the real laptop to blog properly, but here’s a snapshot of the syringes for us. It may not look it in the pictures, but this is a shit ton of syringes. We could open our own drug nest. If the junkies wanted to suppress their natural hormones, anyway. And hey, to each their own. I don’t judge.

So, a lot has happened. I only have a few minutes before the hordes demand lunch, so let’s see how far we get.

We have eight years of paperwork to do. I’ve confirmed with the clinic multiple times that it’s okay for us to just bring it in the next time we go (remember this clinic is in a different freaking country!), but now they are emailing us shit. So I guess we will fill in all the paperwork tonight and send it special delivery tomorrow.

The whole sperm thing is also very different from last time. Four years ago we literally got some info on one guy, turned him down, got info on second guy, accepted him. That sperm isn’t available, so our experience this time was like a movie from the nineties. We went on the website and got to read about each donor, including the ever amusing ‘staff impressions.’ We both luckily liked the same donor, although it was a toss up between him and another guy. Plus three others who were backups.

We bit the bullet despite the guy’s height and weight (same as me) and ordered it last night. TMD will get confirmation today that this new sperm is a go go. We think he’s gay. Not that that mattered, obviously. More about the donor if it all goes through okay. Suffice to say he’s very, very smart, has an easygoing personality, and is creative to the max. All great things.

Now, the medication. It’s a long saga that will bore anyone who is not me – and I am the opposite of bored. I’m fucking craaaazy. The drugs are all new this time. So while the drugs didn’t impact my moods last time around, this time the process is making me nuts even before I have all those hormones floating around in my system. Though I am on the pill and yes, it’s giving me acne. Surely my teenage recall suggests it should do the opposite?!

Anyway. We probably have sperm. We have drugs. We have most appointments already booked and childcare in place. I guess this is really happening.


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One Response to “Baby número tres.”

  1. Lyssie Says:

    This is very exciting and very real all of a sudden. I hope it all works out, sending sticky baby dust to you both.

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