The most fun it is possible to have.


You ran today, the two of you
bare bummed.
Straight into that giant grassy
water arching away from your feet
into the air.
Droplets hung suspended, then your
friends ran through
them and you all
jumped up and
threw yourself
into splashes
and laughter.

Naked and running,
lying on bellies swimming,
sitting and slappng the
water as the sun shone down.

Your bottoms squeaking on the slide,
skin sitting on see-saws
and climing on the roundabout
as your whirled around
and seemed to get
even as you looked so little
next to all the others.

And you wanted your friends,
you played, climbed, pretended to be monkeys.
But when I said,
Want to swim again? With me?
Your faces lit like sunrise explosions
and you led me into the
showed me how fun it felt
to just be me,
right there with you.

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