Update on ttc.


My appointment went well, even if totally crazy. And no scan.

But on the bright side, Coconut apparently did a wee in her potty in the waiting area, so I guess I don’t need to bring 600 outfit/underpants changes everywhere since we’ve never used them.

But. The third baby.

Well. They had me start the pill today. The anonymous recipient is already on it. We were moving along nicely.

Then TMD texted saying she’s spent time this afternoon reading her company’s maternity policy, and she reckons she can’t get pregnant until September if she wants real paid leave after the birth.

So despite feeling a bit rushed earlier (thinking egg collection start/middle  of August), I admit I felt bummed about pushing things back. However, I’m now seeing this as extra time to prepare physically, financially, and emotionally for IVF and pregnancy. I called the clinic and did some period math with the nurse.

Our new plan gets TMD on the pill from her July period, me on the pill from my August period. Everyone starts injections when I am three weeks into the pill. This puts egg collection the last week in September, which means by conventional standards TMD would be pregnant from mid-september.

(Confused? A woman’s pregnancy officially starts the first day of her period in the month she gets pregnant. So she actually has two weeks classed as part of her pregnancy when she’s not physically pregnant.)

Tonight we need to do more pregnancy math to confirm that the egg collection/embryo transfer in late September does work out correctly.

TMD is massively bummed because she won’t be home for too long post birth, at least by Country B standards, and even that time will be on a massive pay reduction. Our goal now is to save, save, save – which means no more spending by me. On anything. Insert sad face here.

We have also loosely talked about me getting back into my counselling work part time, so we would both have work and home time. My thoughts on that probably require a new post.

In other news, the wonderful mamas at catsandcradles are pregnant! I can’t blog comment from my phone, but I love the blog and am so pleased for them. Go tell them congratulations and say I sent you!

So. More screening tests, birth control pills, and six mountains of paperwork still left before Operation Baby comes to (hopeful) fruition. But we leave to visit family in Country A at the end of next week, so at least we get a bit of a break in the midst of the stress!


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2 Responses to “Update on ttc.”

  1. Pottymouthmommy Says:

    Squeeeeeeee!! I am sooooooooooo excited for you two!! I can hardly wait!

  2. Gnome Says:

    I’m way, way behind on your blog. Just dropping by now and am very cheered by this entry. The thought of new life is just what I need 🙂

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