Snort is sick.



Snort is very unwell. Been vomiting since Monday morning. Been sleeping since Tuesday morning. Yes, 36 hours of sleep – except when he is awake and vomiting.

Doctor says he has gastroenteritis. Coconut and I also had it, but were both better within a day.

I’ve begun packing an overnight hospital bag. TMD’s mum is on standby to drive Snort and a parent to the children’s hospital. I hope it doesn’t come to that.

It feels odd. In his second year of life he had so many hospital stays. I could pack an awesome hospital bag without thinking about it. But it’s been so long since that was our life. We have even transitioned completely off all inhalers!

But here we are this evening, me lying on the couch, him lying on me, and I wonder if he will keep his two bites of popsicle down. He refuses the rehydration drinks proscribed for him.

He’s been limp all day. This picture is of him on a sling on my back at the doctor, first thing this morning. He couldn’t walk. Or sit up. He’s been just a warm overcooked noodle.

We saw a nurse who got freaked out by how unresponsive and floppy he was. She called a doctor in.

The doc says he’s just been hit hard. And that he’s actually doing remarkably well for how very sick he is. His heart and respiration seem unaffected. He’s still having wet nappies, albeit not as much or often as usual. He has had no real fever.

Fingers crossed our patient vigil and tiny doses of fluids tonight do the trick. I’ve had enough of my sweet boy being in hospital. Coconut is so very sad and missing her favourite playmate. TMD finds it stressful to be at work while he’s so sick.

And me? I’ve tap danced in vomit today. I’ve been stared at by thirty strangers who’ve possibly never seen such a big kid in a sling, and they liked it. I’ve got a sore butt from all the sitting.

But I’ve also got this little boy, my little love, lying on me. And I’m not going anywhere.



3 Responses to “Snort is sick.”

  1. funkykarmamagic Says:

    Blessings on all of you, hope he is better real soon, his sister needs her playmate back, you need rest, TMD needs to work!

  2. Lyssie Says:

    I hope he’s better soon, sending positive vibes your way.

  3. mamacrow Says:

    my comment didn’t take 😦 just sending love and hugs, and hope he improves quickly xx

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