Baby 3, come to me.


IVF is a-go-go. I still have a few screening tests to go through, but assuming they are fine and TMD’s are as well, we are good to go.

I’m even sharing my eggs with the same woman as last time, which makes me feel good.

My first scans and blood draws will probably be early next week, and we all go on the pill. Everyone cross everything for us.



4 Responses to “Baby 3, come to me.”

  1. mendylady Says:

    Ovaries crossed. Babydust flying. *mwah*

    Super excited you get to share with the same family!

  2. jinxyisms Says:

    I’m so excited for you all. I’m crossing all of my body parts and making Lily do the same.

  3. Jess Collingwood Says:

    Ahhhhh!!! Everything crossed x 2 in this household! So excited!! 🙂

  4. Winnie Says:

    Are you donating eggs to TMD? And are you guys gonna get the same sperm donor as Snort and Coconut? Yay for both of you!!!

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