Money, money.


So, we bought a car. I pick it up tomorrow, and we get some new car seats this weekend.

Car seat tangent: Our kids are still rear facing at almost 3 years old, with no complaints from anyone! They fit really well, and they are happy being backwards even though they now get to ride facing forwards in their Nana’s car (her car is too small for rear facing). We are BIG proponents of rear facing, though unfortunately I think our new car is too big to allow them to safely rear face. I guess we’ll have to see, but I think it is too spacious and wouldn’t work – and our seats, though convertible, are sort of wiggly when facing forward. So we are probably going to buy forward facing (boo hiss boo!) seats for the new car and keep the rear facing in TMD’s car. Let’s hope my inability to drive a giant fucking bus won’t result in an accident, seeing as they will be forward facing in all likelihood.

In other news, I’m fucking obsessed with diaper bags. Like, truly having a problem stopping watching endless youtube videos about them. Reading amazon reviews. Joining facebook b/s/t groups. I’ve always been a bag girl, but changing bags take it to The Next Level. All those pockets! So organized! So many options!


I need to delete ebay and amazon apps from my phone. Yesterday.

I feel marginally better when I go into my little facebook addition groups, because these other women have like four different patterns in ONE bag – and they own about five different bags. I’m not lying when I say stash pictures sometimes have like 30 different bags or accessories. I’m not that bad.

But not being ‘that bad’ doesn’t make me ‘good.’ I need to stop spending. Do any of you guys do this? Especially stay at home mums? I’d much rather use the money on outings with the kids, or to put into savings. (I guess you can fill in any amount of money – the amount I spend is really rather small compared to most people, but really rather too much based on our budget.)

We need to save, save, save.

My buying needs to stop, stop, stop.



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3 Responses to “Money, money.”

  1. pottymouthmommy Says:

    My name is pottymouthmommy and I am a shopping addict. I have had the exact same problem over the years- spending money on stuff we “need”- but don’t really have the money for. It’s less than others spend- it’s not extravagant, but when balanced with what the money could be better spent on and what we actually have to spend- frivolous all the same. Sometimes though- you just gotta! I bought a “designer” diaper bag for my last pregnancy, and it was amazing! And in the long run was less than a friend of mine spent on cheap ones- because she cheaped out and bought whatever was the cheapest diaper bag she could find- she ended up buying four or five different bags because none of them worked as well as she needed, or they fell apart after just a few months use. I’ve caught the diaper bag bug though, and even though the diaper bag I used previously is still in perfect condition- I lust after a newer, bigger, better, SHINIER bag… *sigh* Maybe we could go halfers on lottery tickets??

    So anyway… I’ll end by saying congrats on the new wheels! It’s so exciting to get a new vehicle isn’t it??

    • me Says:

      Fuck. Move here and be my neighbor. Imagine the money we would save by trading and borrowing diaper bags. I’m not joking.

  2. Lauren Says:

    If you want to see if rear facing car seats will fit in the new car, there is a shop that sells and fits them and are generally very helpful on Keynsham high street. That’s where we got ours from. But then maybe you don’t want to have to spend £500 on carseats that the kids may be only in for a few more months… website: but if you are going on a weekend to look at car seats you may want to make an appointment as they get busy and not all the staff are trained in rear facing.

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