Shopping for expensive shit.


Tomorrow morning we’re dropping the kids off at their Nana’s and going car shopping. Our flat sale completed a couple of weeks ago, which means (thankfully!) we are no longer paying for our mortgage or million other bills that come along with having a property….bills that weren’t that big of an issue until TMD took a massive paycut and we moved across the country.

So, cars. Wish us luck. We are fucking chickens who can’t negotiate and feel wary of buying from private sellers. So I’ve found a potentially great car from a garage….it has everything we want except it’s at 90,000 miles. That’s a bit higher than we wanted, but hey. It also comes with a free two year warranty.

Wish us luck.

I’m feeling a little crazy today, so while I desperately hope we find The Car, at the same time it’ll be nice to just have some alone time with TMD. I wonder how long we can reasonably leave them with her mum. Ha.


One Response to “Shopping for expensive shit.”

  1. pajamamommas Says:

    Funny what kinds of things can feel like a date these days. Roo and I were excited to have some time out of the house on our own the other night….to got to the counseling session that our new clinic requires everyone who uses donor sperm/eggs to attend. At least we got to go out for ice cream afterwards.

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