First batch of fertility test results. (Mamacrow, this rambling entry is dedicated to you.)


Well, bummer.

We went to the fertility clinic this morning, and things didn’t exactly turn out as we had hoped. As I mentioned before, they now test AMH levels. This apparently measures the quantity of your eggs in reserve, not the quality of them. (When I had IVF, they performed two different hormone tests to measure the quality.) Apparently the minimum cut off for being able to eggshare is an AMH level of 15. TMD had 11. They also did a scan to count how many follicles she had – for eggsharing they require ten. She had nine.

So, as the saying goes, close but no cigar.

We have a couple of options, maybe. TMD had new bloods drawn for her AMH today – it’s a pretty stable hormone, but this is just to recheck it. I also took away a kit to test my levels – so on days 2-8 of my cycle, I get my blood drawn locally and post it off to the clinic to see how my egg reserves are. My two minute google on the way home in the car suggested that AMH may not be a good indicator of actual fertility. It tells you if you have a lot or only a few eggs left, but not whether those eggs are high quality.

Three options.

One, TMD gets her levels retested and they are okay. She has another scan and it, too, is okay. We then move forward with the seven hundred other tests you need to complete to share your eggs. This costs about one grand.

Two, if my levels are okay, we move forward with me giving half my eggs to TMD and half to an anonymous recipient. Just like last time, in fact, except I won’t be the one with the swollen belly afterwards. This costs about two grand.

Three, we decide to just pay for TMD to have ordinary IVF and not do eggshare. This costs about five thousand, and that worries me heavily, as it is an awful lot of money. And what if she really didn’t get many eggs?? This option might also make us feel pressured to transfer two embryos as we could not afford another cycle – and while we’d take twins over having no third baby, the aim really is a singleton this time around. However, I think we MAY be leaning towards this – and if my AMH levels are below 15, it really is the only option left to us anyway.

At any rate, I should be getting my period in about a week. Hopefully my local practice nurse will agree to draw bloods for me (jesus, was today expensive – 300 for the consult, 100 for her first AMH, and another 200 for her repeat and my AMH!) and post it off. We then wait a couple of weeks and schedule a phone consultation with the doctor.

I guess once all of our blood levels come back, we may see that we have many options – or only one. TMD was raising all the questions she had about having another child, her fears about pregnancy, on the way to the appointment this morning. As a result of today’s findings, she (and I) are strengthened in our desire to have this third baby. I just hope she/he materialises as quickly as possible, in the best way possible.


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6 Responses to “First batch of fertility test results. (Mamacrow, this rambling entry is dedicated to you.)”

  1. anderzoid Says:

    Hugs. I do not know what exactly u r going thru. I just want to extend my warmth. So many of the details Fertility & becoming parents is an invisible it happens, we are forced to grow with it, it’s ok not to know the outcome. U all are wonderful and picture me saying this
    To you in my mom
    Voice w a hug “it will be ok.”

  2. mendylady Says:

    More egg dust. To you and TMD, nowhere near Snort!

  3. Gnome Says:

    Thinking of you both xxx

  4. jinxyisms Says:

    I’m sorry that this is being so difficult for you guys. You are in my thoughts. I hope it works out as best as possible for you all.

  5. Mel Bowman Says:

    Best of luck to you both!

  6. mamacrow Says:

    so sorry I am so late to comment, have not been on the laptop much recently & it’s a bit laborious commenting by phone!

    I’m so sorry it’s proving complicated. I have to say, I am APPALLED at the hoops and regulations and the amount of MONEY you have to fork out 😦

    everything crossed that it all starts going more smoothly. Quickly.

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