Recipe from heaven: Carrot money/pennies/coins


Flying high from my success with the pancakes (and benefiting from my new self-imposed rule of washing all dishes after every meal!) I decided to try out another cooking thing at lunch.

For one of our sides, I made carrot money.

1. Wash carrot(s) and slice into thin circles.

2. Steam until tender, not mushy.

3. Sautee with butter, brown sugar, and water.

4. Die and go to heaven.

Unfortunately, my kids only ever have raw or steamed veggies with no added salt, butter, cheese, etc. So Snort, who will happily eat two raw carrots and ask for more, refused to try my culinary masterpiece. Coconut deigned to lick one piece before saying it was yuck (maybe I’ll use much less sugar next time. Weirdos).

They are nuts. This shit is delicious and takes no time at all to cook.

(recipe from a Mollie Katzen book sent to us by my almost-vegetarion, raw food cheflike sister. I recommend! They have all the recipes in pictures for kids to cook….well, kids or ME.)


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