Head wounds, all in a day’s work.


Friday was pretty much my scariest day in recent history.

Thursday and Friday were both semi-awful days – the endless rain and confinement was getting to me. So on Friday while I was attempting to make lunch, I was quickly being driven crazy by the endless interruptions. Coconut was up in her room playing, when suddenly she started crying. I asked her over the baby monitor what happened – she said she hurt herself and asked me to come cuddle her. I said I was making lunch, she could come down for a cuddle if she wanted, and I asked if she was okay. She told me she was okay and stopped crying. I asked again in a couple of minutes if she was still okay, said I loved her, and reiterated she could come down for a cuddle if she needed. She said she was fine, so I let her be.

About five minutes later I realised I was hearing nothing on the monitor – much more terrifying than hearing crying! – so I went upstairs to check on her. She was just lying in bed sucking her thumb. We talked for a minute, and she said she wanted to sleep. I covered her up with a blanket and went downstairs. She put herself to sleep. This is pretty odd, as she no longer naps in the day. Ever. The last time she had a nap in bed?? Christ, I have no clue.

Girl slept for three hours.

As an aside, Snort also fell asleep and I was JUST getting all cozy and joy-filled, when MIL showed up. I decided I couldn’t just send her away, so she came in and my one chance for a nap flew out the window. But as it turned out, I’m so glad she was here.

Cause when Coconut woke up? Well, I heard lots of stirring on the baby monitor. I wanted to go check on her, but MIL wouldn’t stop talking. So after ten/twenty minutes of the occasional noise, MIL went upstairs to check on her. Then I hear MIL asking Coconut if she is hurt. Coconut is a bit upset because Bunny (her best friend, people!) is covered in blood. MIL asks if she can look Coconut over, and Coconut says she wants me.

At this point, I’m already like, ‘Oh, SHIT.’

They come downstairs, and I’m casually looking her over. Why are there spots of blood on her chin and hand? MIL also told me her wall was covered in blood. Then I see it: her ear is COVERED IN BLOOD. The inside of her ear. This is my first child injury I have frozen at – partly because blood and ears freak me out, partly because it looked like she’d been shot or something.

I then went deadly calm (as I do in medical emergencies, except this time I had strumming nerves under the cool exterior) and gathered up some sterile stuff to clean up her ear. I was hoping to find scratches or something. Of course I went into high guilt mode – had she hurt herself before nap?? And I ignored her? The FIRST time I ignored an injury either of my kids had AND NOW BLOOD WAS COMING FROM HER EAR?!

She likes Peppa Pig, so I pretended to be Dr. Brown Bear. I carefully washed off blood from the lobe and inside of her outer ear. There was one giant clump of clotted blood I assumed was a gash – but to my horror, it washed right off. So then I’m all playing Columbo, shining the torch from my mobile phone into her ear to see if her ear canal was bloody. My head was like, ‘Holy SHIT. She hit her head hard enough to cause her to pass out for three hours, and now blood is coming from her fucking ears!!!’

I couldn’t find a source for the blood or be sure her ear canal was clear. So we bundled up and walked straight to the doctor. Luckily she could be seen almost immediately, and much to the doctor’s puzzlement, she couldn’t figure out the blood. The canal was okay, the eardrum was not perforated, and she couldn’t find cuts either. Coconut was obviously okay, though – I’d already checked her head for bumps or sore places, she was totally alert and her usual self, etc. The doctor said her non-bloody ear was actually in worse shape, and it looked like she had recently had an ear infection.

Well, folks, this made me feel even worse, if that is possible. Snort and Coconut have both had colds/viruses the past week or so, and twice when I checked her temperature she said her ear hurt. But she was all coy and laughing, and our previous experience with Snort’s ear infection was that is caused the sort of pain you SCREAM about. Coconut always said her ear was fine on other occasions (I asked a lot, keen to avoid getting to the up-all-night-in-excruciating-pain stage). Obviously she has the pain tolerance of a fucking sumo wrestler.

So, anyway, I asked Coconut in front of the doctor about when she hurt herself. (On the baby monitor, she had said, ‘I hurt myself! My body is hurting.’ She told me she did not bump her head, but her butt.

We got home, and while I was standing over her, adjusting her pigtails (only time in LIFE she allowed us to put hair bands in her hair, because I told her the doctor needed to be able to see in her ears easily), I happened to look DOWN into her ears. Yep. Big ass cuts in such a location that you would never see them looking straight in.

So, no head injury. Once I stopped freaking out and thinking I’d broken my kid, I thought about how easily the blood came off of her AND Bunny, and concluded that she had actually done this scratching when she’d woken up from her nap – the blood was too fresh to be three hours old.


Another day survived.


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One Response to “Head wounds, all in a day’s work.”

  1. mamacrow Says:

    yeeeeeeeek! O.o that is super scary, glad y’all are ok x

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