I say NO to meth! *big ass pause*


What’s your favourite line in this commercial?? I love ‘prison is full of people who’ve never rollerskated,’ though the excellent extra pause after the meth line made me pee myself a little.

Because I watch this rollerskating commercial today, I go to college tomorrow. Uh…wait. That’s not right. What I really mean to say is: I WANT TO BE ADDICTED TO ROLLERSKATING.



5 Responses to “I say NO to meth! *big ass pause*”

  1. Jess Says:

    That is AMAZING. I think you’ve picked out the best line already but the elderly man with the spraypaint can? ADORABLE.

  2. Lauren Says:

    I guess this is another downside of country B, no adverts like this on TV!

  3. mamacrow Says:

    are you seriously saying this is for real? This a genuine advert? Surely not. It’s got to be from a sketch show or something?!

  4. mamacrow Says:

    genuine?! really?! only in america presumably…

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