I don’t really care if you are famous or not.


Is there a word for being so cool you don’t realise you are cool at all?

Like, this:

It’s our wedding. We’ve invited a small group of people from a rather wide circle of aquaintance. Most people don’t know each other.

One of my friends from work comes up to me and looks all twitchy. She’s sort of lightly hopping from side to side, and her face looks both radiant and green.

‘Is that ______ from the _________?!?!?’ She then proceeds to freak out and ask if she can ask for an autograph. I’m like, ‘What the fuck are you talking about? That’s just _______, the partner of my friend L. He’s a casual friend.’

Well, folks, apparently this dude was/is in a major band. Like, so fucking big I’m probably the only person on the planet who wouldn’t recognise his face.

She’s all, ‘Why is HE at your wedding? How do you know him? I read that his favourite book is blahblahblah. Have you been in his house? How serious is he about his girlfriend? I saw his group on tour TWICE last year!!!!’

I’m thinking, ‘What? What the hell? He’s famous? Shit, dawg. Have I even heard any of his songs? Does my utter lack of knowledge on this subject make me cool or uncool?’

The reason this shit has risen to the forefront of my mind is that I’m friends with his partner on facebook – and tonight I’ve glanced past the recent picture on her profile like sixteen times. Until suddenly I really looked. WTF was on her baby’s ears?

So I see my beaming friend holding her smiling baby, who happens to be wearing those giant sound blocking headphones they sell for kids. She’s standing backstage, and I can see her husband fucking rocking out in front of like 20,000 people in the background.

See? I didn’t even NOTICE this shit. And her picture has like a hundred comments. I’m personally leaning towards thinking all of this makes me casually cool. Like I fucking hang out with famous people all the time without knowing or caring they are famous. Except it has only happened this once. Well, okay, three other times too.


I think I’m cool.

In other news, though this is posted Thursday morning, I am writing this about twenty minutes after this post where I begged your ass to comment. If you did not comment, now is your chance. And remember, you don’t want to alienate me. I probably have dinner plans in the next few weeks with your favourite celebrity.

3 Responses to “I don’t really care if you are famous or not.”

  1. funkykarmamagic Says:

    You ARE way cool!

  2. Gnome Says:

    Who’s the celeb?!

  3. Jess Says:

    I’m way too curious now. :/

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