Holding pattern. (and lots of parentheses!)


We are waiting. Waiting for the flat sale to be complete, for a car, for bikes, for a baby.

‘The baby’ is often talked about (rather carefully if little ears are around) – or maybe it just seems like that because I think about it constantly. The hospital bag we will use, TMD in labour, the wrap we’ll use in the early days.

How we will need to save the bikes (you know, the ones I have yet to order. I think Coconut is too short for even the smallest ones!) as the baby will use them one day.

When we will pick up the baby gear we let some family borrow. About how Snort and Coconut will finally get some more booby milk (in cups, as I suspect they’d never be able to latch).

Ideally I wanted all the kids (!) to be much closer in age, but feel like that’s impossible with twins. Most people I know have a singleton and then twins. I know next to no one who expands their family again once twins hit the scene.

I suspect we have interesting conversations ahead of us. I would love another set, but realities mean that would be so difficult (TMD is tiny; could she go full term? Financially she would need maternity leave earlier even if full term, and if early and needing a stay in special care, with two three year olds already? Ugh. Etc…) 

So the aim is one baby.

For now. Muhahaha! (I made reference to a third pregnancy/fourth baby the other day and she was not keen.)

Where are we at, TTC wise? TMD has had her AMH bloods done – a new policy by the clinic. When I did ivf I had my hormones tested individually, but I guess this is different? Either way, it checks fertility and suitability for egg sharing. If she is eligible, then all the millions of further tests are now free (they weren’t when I did it! Bastards!).

Chromosomal analysis, every disease known to man (some repeated throughout process), etc.

She’s got all the paperwork already for us to fill in, which we will bring along to the consultation, which we haven’t booked yet. We decided to go with her eggs this time if possible. I’ll still be young enough to share eggs in a couple of years if we do go for that fourth pregnancy, which would be her again – I want desperately to be pregnant but don’t think my body could take it.

So that’s where we are. Edging slowly forward. I think the plan would be to move forward with the actual ivf process once we are back from Country A this summer. Cross your fingers for our two three year olds and one baby vision!


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3 Responses to “Holding pattern. (and lots of parentheses!)”

  1. saralema Says:

    I know of only one family. They had a son and then twin girls. Both pregnancies required a lot of medical assistance to achieve so they figured it would never happen naturally. Baby 4 arrives in October. 🙂

    Appendages crossed!

  2. mamacrow Says:

    I know of one (hetrosexual) couple who struggled to concieve, then had twin girls then a single girl, all without fertility assistance!

    Also, another Home Ed mum here has twin girls, about 7 now and has just had a baby girl (with a different partner)

  3. Gnome Says:

    Sounds good to me 🙂

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