Draw Any Old Shit.


My bff has an ex. This ex and I have a long history. That’s why when he invited me to play a game of Draw Something I felt a powerful urge to not let the side down.

One of his first pictures was this really gorgeous caterpillar. All different colours, drawn to scale – obviously not drawn-by-thumb as all my pictures seem to be.

Imagine the pressure when he drew little arrows pointed at the antennae. The letters just weren’t there. Nor were ‘feelers’ or ‘feelyboppers.’ Nothing worked.

I felt increasing angst. This person was stupid. I don’t say that in a mean way, just sort of factual. I like this person, despite our raging online wars in the late 1990s.

I felt like a failure – and in the worst way, because of my history with this person and our imagined love triangle. I clicked ‘pass.’

Imagine my predicament when the word turned out to be ‘tentacles.’

The initial flush of joy that I Was Not Stupid, followed by the realization that this person probably thought I was. I mean, I didn’t guess their drawing, and they obviously didn’t immediately think of an octopus when trying to visually express ‘tentacles.’

Oh! The horror!

But perhaps I am taking this all too seriously. I have learned a lesson, though. Think outside the box (substitute ‘box’ for ‘actual reality’). I’m progressing already – I didn’t bat an eye when he drew the traffic sign ‘yield’ all in red.


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2 Responses to “Draw Any Old Shit.”

  1. mamacrow Says:

    catapillar attenae?! for ‘tentcals’?! Really?! no wonder you didn’t get it!

  2. JD Says:


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