Voting time.


This house has no thermostat. No. Thermostat.

TMD doesn’t seem to think this is odd – though this is the house she grew up in, so maybe she’s partially immune to the freak show – but I am in awe.

I’ve never heard of a house not having a thermostat. Choices are leaving the boiler on all the time (money, money) or having it off and freezing. The windows don’t help. I do not exaggerate when I say if you are within three feet of a window (all about forty years old) you can feel the breeze and air temp from outside.

But we are getting new windows in a few months. So the only issue up for debate here is the thermostat.

A) so beyond weird you can’t comprehend it

B) strange but fine

C) dude, calm down. I had my thermostat ripped out because they are unnecessary

Vote in the comments. Please.



10 Responses to “Voting time.”

  1. Lyssie Says:

    A, how can there be no thermostat? My brain can’t even process that.

  2. PottyMouthMommy Says:

    that is cracked in the head! How can one live with NO thermostat???!!!

  3. funkykarmamagic Says:

    we vote A. This is unheard of!

  4. raine05 Says:

    A, you need a thermostat. Shd be able to add one. New windows will help. I take it this means you are now staying in this house for awhile.

  5. mendylady Says:

    A.5. I grew up in a house without a thermostat… it’s doable, but sucks. Seriously? In this day? You should have one.

  6. Gnome Says:

    A. Are we giving the answer you wanted?!

  7. Lauren Says:

    I initially read the title as “Vomiting time” – a case of reading what I was expecting to see I think.

    A. If there is central heating, there should be a thermostat. Although, my friend once lived in a house without heating. That is more unheard of I think. Her bedroom wall grew mould like white hair.

  8. jenmum Says:

    We moved into our new place in the autumn and both the thermostat and timer controls for the boiler were broken. The only control was a manal on-off switch. We got a plumber in who fitted a new control unit and thermostat to the old boiler. Cost about two hundred quid and I reckon it’ll probably pay for itself in a year, given how costly heating is. It only took a couple of hours too.

  9. mamacrow Says:

    I’ve only ever lived in one house which had thermostat, it was put in while we lived there and i HATED it. I far prefer being about to adjust each radiator individually, far more ecomomical in my opinion, and far more the norm over here – I’ve lived in 7 or so houses!

  10. Mel Says:

    The house I grew up in (c1920s) had an old fashioned boiler in the basement. We controlled the heat by the amount we turned on each register (usually at least one in each room). Perhaps that was a precursor to the modern-day thermostat, but at least we could control the amount of heat without having it as an all or nothing!

    That said, my husband’s “up north hunting cabin” only has a wood stove in the middle of it for heat for the longest time, but it’s rustic and, at the time, didn’t even have electricity or running water so…not much of a comparison there. About 15 years ago they added baseboard heat (with thermostats!), electricity, and plumbing.

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