And now a break from my whining…



We had an awesome morning. TMD ran back in from getting in her car to announce a hot air balloon was floating by.

I turned into a two year old and screamed, ‘Woooo! Hurry. Stop eating breakfast and GET OUTSIDE!’

Which is how, at the crack of dawn, two kids in their pajamas (Coconut with a police costume on over them) were standing in our drive oohing and ahhing.

Then Snort did his new thing – cupping a hand over an ear and asking, ‘Noise?’

Damned if his supersonic ears hadn’t identified the sound of recycling trucks. And friends, it was magic. Total magic.

We stood there and watched two trucks collect our recycling. The guys were awesome and excited the kids were out. I guess this is their chance to live out rockstar fantasies, as my kids are just big rubbish truck groupies.

We are getting waved at, honked at, talked to, and one guy personally handed Coconut back our green bag. She clutched that mofo like it was worth a million smackaroonies.

So it was good. Just to be outside, for everyone to smile at my inappropriately dressed children, for the sun to warm my face at such an early hour. Just delicious.



3 Responses to “And now a break from my whining…”

  1. jinxyisms Says:

    What an exciting morning. Lily loves it when the recycling or garbage trucks are taking away our stuff. We’ve never been outside when it happens, we’ll have to try that one day.

  2. mamacrow Says:

    Oh FAB! I love the bin men and the recycling men, they’re invaribly cheerful and wave at the kids – maybe it’s a requirement for the job?!

    (how on earth have Snort & Coconut become so BIG?! Do you keep feeding them or something?!)

  3. jenmum Says:

    How fabulous. We too have trailed the bin van round our area, much to the amusement of the bin men. They weren’t particularly friendly though 😦

    I’ve just tagged you in a post, do check it out when you have the time, but no obligations though =)

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