Lest you think I exaggerate.



This is one of the two (!) bedrooms my father in law has claimed for himself. This one was blocked off by an end table shoved into the doorway. This is the ‘after’ picture of the room. Yeah, it has been heavily ‘cleared out.’

Let’s move beyond the fact we still have not unpacked half our boxes because rooms like this exist. Full of precious things that are not precious enough to take to his new house, so he’s using much of ours as a closet.

Let’s jump straight to the fact that the family of four who might need space? Not as important as old wellies, broke down dust carpet, or any of the other multitude of treasures and memories.

On the bright side, this experience may be totally erasing my own tenancy to keep clutter.


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2 Responses to “Lest you think I exaggerate.”

  1. Lyssie Says:

    That’s a mess, you have my sympathy. I moved in with my husband 4 years ago and he still hasn’t tidied enough for me to be able to unpack my belongings. Maybe it’s a male hoarder thing?

  2. Winnie Says:

    Oh dear… I’m sorry you’re having such a hard time! Looking at that picture makes me want to clean it for you! Messes bother me, even if they are not mine. It drives my roommate crazy when I bug him about his mountain of stuff in his room. Poor thing… I wish I were only a few minutes away so I could help!

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