Shit I found today, our one week anniversary of moving in:


1. A *pile* of about ten garden gnomes, all smashed up and beheaded.

2. Three more filthy toothbrushes in various places.

3. Receipts from 2007 stuck onto the white board.

4. The realization that the white board has been written on in permanent marker.

5. A bed frame in the greenhouse.
6. Six screwdrivers. Handy for getting out the screws holding every window shut.

7. Seven trays, that you buy big flats of flowers on. Every one full of muddy, diseased looking water.

8. Three large moth eaten sponges on a shelf that was just ‘cleared’ of junk. If the sponges were keepers, I can only guess what was not. Except I don’t want to think about it.

9. Three bottles of Flash bathroom cleaner and two toilet bowl cleaner liquid things. Odd considering I gagged multiple times while cleaning the nightmarish bathrooms today. (Both brand new and gorgeous, just covered in dry pee, hair, fingerprints, etc. None of it ours.)

10. I think the garden gnomes deserve another mention. They are so carefully heaped in a pile. I’m going to take a picture and will share once we have the internet up and running again.

Have you ever found weird shit when you moved someplace new? My mother in law suggests perhaps the gnomes are part of a bizarre ritual. All I know is that I’m going to sneak out one bag of trash/treasure to her every day.

Bye bye weird and creepy shit. Don’t tell on me, you lot.


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5 Responses to “Shit I found today, our one week anniversary of moving in:”

  1. Gnome Says:

    Should I be worried?

  2. Bobbie Says:

    Creepy! We have a cupboard full of weirdness in our basement that was here when we moved in that I have no idea what to do with. I know I should just throw it away but it’s like pictures and family documents.

  3. rationaljenn Says:

    We moved to a new house the same exact weekend you moved. Besides various lamps and a rusty swing set in the backyard, the best thing we “inherited” from the previous owner is an adult-sized convalescent toilet.

    At least it was clean.

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