I am completely overwhelmed and unhappy. We have been staying with mil.   Today is official move in day to the new house.

Father in law (his house) and his partner are going to be there. To help.

I don’t want help. I want to be alone. I want to feel like I am moving into our new family home, not squatting in my father in law’s space.

He’s staying there all week.

Oh, you guys, I hope this is not a major mistake.


3 Responses to “Shit.”

  1. misericordia Says:

    Existere, please be gentle with yourself and give yourself time to get used to this. Remember that moving to a new place is ALWAYS stressful and ALWAYS requires some kind of adjustment period, even when it’s a good move. It will really be ok. It doesn’t feel like your space yet, but I have confidence that once you and your lovely family are there and get used to it, you will make it feel like your space. It will become your space. I have moved around quite a bit in the past few years and have come to the conclusion that the space and place are not the deciding factors in what make it feel like home. It’s the people you are with who make the difference, and the connections you make there, and the good thing is that you’ve got your fabulous TMD and children with you always. You will make this home together, I know it.

    • me Says:

      What a lovely comment. Thank you. We have moved a lot too – but this is the first time moving into a space which is not ours. It is a house owned by my father in law, and he will be here quite often. I knew before we moved that I would find that very difficult to cope with! Hopefully once he leaves today we can start clearing some of the stuff he’s left around everywhere. He also has two of the four bedrooms, so I’m going to shunt shit into them! Ha. Thank you again.

  2. pajamamommas Says:

    Hang in there! I agree with the poster above that things will likely feel different once you’ve settled in a bit. And have on your own underwear.

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