Day before moving day panic on a subject not related to moving.


Oh, eff.

The good news or the bad news? The good news is that the clinic we know and trust is actually closer to our new house than the unknown clinic. The bad news is, it’s still an hour away. And that’s just too far.

If you are someone with spare time, google for me. GOOGLE FOR ME. We need a clinic accepting private patients (as lesbians, we are not eligible for the state to pay:( ), that does eggsharing, and that is a reasonable distance away. I’m thinking we need a clinic that is possibly in a neighboring large city (?), as travel on motorway is probably quicker. But apparently once you move away from, uh, The Big Main City, your options plummet. In TBMC, where we lived for ten years and conceived Snort and Coconut, we had our pick of multiple clinics scattered around.

I know we’ll sort something out. TMD suggested maybe using holiday days to go to the clinic. For those who don’t know about IVF (anyone not reading through my last, very detailed IVF experience!), it requires trips like every other day to the clinic for monitoring scans, medication adjustments, egg retrieval, and embryo transfer. Not to mention all the blood tests and paperwork required before you can even start.

Holiday is worth using for something like this, but how will a brand new job take to someone taking every other afternoon off for a couple of weeks? After taking two weeks off for a trip abroad to see family? Logically, I know time off is time off and no one can take issue. I still worry, though of course TMD’s age doesn’t leave us the luxury of settling in for a year or even six months before undergoing treatment.

I’m just bummed today as MIL and her hubby are coming up shortly, and I wanted to call a couple of clinics and get an consultation booked for next week. Is it even worth booking one so far away? I suspect it possibly is, especially if it ends up being the closet to our house. Le sigh, though.

Well, whatever. I’m going to give them a call now. I PRAY I can understand their accent. I did mention this is in a neighboring country, right? Since moving here, I have no problems with most dialects. I’ve gotten used to the different cadence of voice. But really thick accents can take a couple of minutes for my ear to click into. Just want you want when you’re asking about sperm.


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