Pee, babies, anger.


Updates on the potty front – yesterday morning Coconut was like, ‘No potty today. I’ll do wee wees tomorrow.’ Fine, okay, whatever.

Then last night out of nowhere Snort was all, ‘Snort wee wee. Wee wee chocolate ball!’ So he did proceeded to do two wees. And this morning? The kid woke up and went over to the potty, took off the lid, asked for some help with his nappy, and did his thang. This prompted Coconut to try (after another declaration that she’d use the potty ‘tomorrow’ – a phrase only surpassed by her use of the word ‘Saturday’)…and get upset when she couldn’t. The kid really only needs to pee like twice a day. Is that normal?

On the babymaking front, our clinic we used last time and loved has a branch very near where we’re moving (although – wait for it – it’s in Country C). This is nice as we know and trust this clinic, and possibly might be able to use the same sperm donor? Though I have contacted them a few times over the past year to enquire about our sperm donor and the sperm lady never gets back to me! So that pisses me off.

I’ve also found an even closer clinic (again, in country C) that does eggsharing as well. Their success rates look phenomenal, though obviously it’s a clinic I have never heard of and don’t know anyone who has used it. It IS half the distance, but I wonder if that is worth is when the other clinic is VERY well known.

Well, whatever.

TMD and I never ever fight – like literally. But last night she pissed me off mightily, and I actually woke up still angry. I decided to suck it up and apologize so we could move on, and she instantly said something that pissed me off more than the stuff that happened last night.

So. That’s about it. Stumbling – yet pretty rapid – potty progress. Possible clinics that I am still too angry and tired to call and try to make appointments, etc. Waiting on a delivery of 35 boxes so we can get the rest of this place packed up. We move a week from tomorrow. I’m questioning it as I love our flat, our town, our neighbors and friends. I feel a bit like we’ve gone too far to turn back now, though, so I guess at this point I just want to be moved.

Sorry this seems gloomy. Or maybe it just feels bitter and angry because that’s how I am. I really want this to be like YES!!! SNORT IS AWESOME WITH THE PEE!!!!

And he is.


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