Will pee for chocolate.


I’ve started a new public blog and if I manage to stick with it, I’ll share the link with you all. It’s yet another attempt at a home education blog that can be shared with family and friends – and perhaps curious officials – in the future, but it’s hosted on wordpress. So I’m more likely to stick with it.

I’m tempted to name it ‘will pee for chocolate’, but I somehow think that promoting bribery and tooth decay are not the message I want to send. I save that for YOU people!

Coconut, despite her protests that she loves nappies, has been taking them off more and more. She’s been talking a lot about wearing underpants in her new house or in town, and this morning she took off her nappy and refused to have it back on. Snort is telling us the second he does poos. Are they ready? I don’t know.

I’m lazy and trying to help two toddlers contain their bodily outputs in a toilet is, I imagine, hard work. So I’m leaving them to it to do it themselves. They’ve done everything else up to this point.

But the nappy refusal this morning is too hard to resist. I’ve broken out a bag of chocolate buttons, with the promise that a pee or poo in the toilet or a potty will yield one piece of chocolate. They were both very exicted.

Coconut is brokenhearted as she hasn’t managed to pee -at all – yet. And she really wants that chocolate. I worry I am screwing her up in some way.

On the bright side, though, they’ve both been bare bottomed for two hours and no one has peed or pooped on the floor. In previous child led attempts (or demands for underpants), I am scrubbing pee every two minutes. So if we keep trying on the potties, eventually pretty impressive pee streams should happen, and the long awaited chocolate will be theirs.

I even turned down going out with a friend this morning, so invested am I in having easy access to potties.

Will it work? I’m betting not, but we shall see. Chocolate got them to happily take antibiotics….and that is a pretty impressive feat in itself.

(Aside from medication and pee, I swear bribery is not part of our parenting strategy.)

Any words of encouragement, experiences you’ve had, advice, etc is welcomed!


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One Response to “Will pee for chocolate.”

  1. Sara Says:

    I have just started trying with the boys. D is ready and happily poos on the potty, He is so thrilled with taking the potty to the toilet, dumping it and flushing (bye bye poo) that he’s taken to pooping just a little bit, flushing it, then pooping another little bit. It would be funny if it weren’t so annoying! F just pees and poos indescriminately around the place then gets mad when he’s not allowed to flush the toilet. Ah, the joy of twins. My biggest challenge is getting them to sit on the potty for more than 8 seconds at a time. I am looking into a ‘sitting bribe’ like a toddler style ipad or something, to encourage them to sit long enough for some pee to hit the pot!

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