Nothing to see here.


I am a boring old lady who wants to use a card file to organize our home. Let’s blast past that.

I’ve been googling about six hours. Index card guides (ie index cards with little tabs on the top) that have tabs that are blank, numbered 1-31, or have the months on them DO NOT EXIST IN THIS COUNTRY. 

We have a-z ones. Guess which ones I DON’T have a need for?

The fucking index card distributor sell the blank, numbered, and month ones in just about every country. Except here.

Oh, you bitchly office supply people. Not all of us want to be technological. SOME of us can’t even afford Sidetracked Home Executives (the book the card system comes from) and just want some 3×5 index card goodness. Why must you penalize us for living here, ironically one of the most anal and organized places on the planet?


Rant over. (But my tears, they are just beginning. They are magical rectangular tears with tabs of the appropriate style.)


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One Response to “Nothing to see here.”

  1. Mel Says:

    I think we have these in the states, if you want me to ship them to you.

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