Act two: the pillow vagina.


Last night’s entry took place just before bathtime. Seconds after I wrote it both kids ran in for a last second conversation.

Snort: Baby out, baby sad.

Me: the baby’s sad when it comes out?

TMD: they do cry a lot.

Snort: baby cold.

Me: Yes, the baby might be cold. The mama needs to give it a big cuddle to help warm it up.

Coconut: And a kiss. And boo boo (breastmilk). Milkies makes babies feel all better, and really happy too.

They had a bath. While TMD was still with Coconut, Snort ran back in.

Snort: Snort help baby out.

Me: I don’t have a baby in my tummy right now, honey.

He runs out and returns twenty seconds later with a babydoll.

He climbs on the bed and layers three pillows, placing the baby on the far side.

Snort: Snort help! Pull baby. Pull!

He reaches up into the pillow vagina and carefully guides the baby out.

He clasps her to his chest, face shining.

Snort: Baby cold. Wrap up baby.

He wraps his muslin around the doll and cuddles her.

Snort: Baby out! Hard. Pull! Wrap up. Baby happy.


Our friend Aussie is currently pregnant, and we talk often about their planned visit. Coconut says she wants to help with the new baby. Even prior to these discussions, both kids often talk about a baby in my tummy and wanting a baby in the family.

A far cry from TMD, who at age two apparently refused to talk or interact with her mother for months because she brought home a little brother!

While Snort’s midwifery was strangely interventionist (!), I think the kid is determined to get a baby here No Matter What and As Quickly As Possible!




2 Responses to “Act two: the pillow vagina.”

  1. mendylady Says:

    I could read these all day. ❤

  2. pajamamommas Says:

    My son is very curious about babies in tummies, but he doesn’t seem to have given a lot of thought to how they get out. His reinactments mostly involve putting his Brio trains in his footy pajamas and then unzipping them to let them out…

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