A Zumba plea.


I’m laying here wondering what I can do. My specialist who actually understands spd has no appointments till March 26. And I’m already on the wait list for cancellations.

The hospital emergency room will not know enough to scan my symphasis pubis to see if it has separated. And even if they did, and it has, there isn’t anything they can do.

I’m pretty okay (though still in sharp pain) while laying in bed, on codeine and ibuprofen, icing my crotch. I’ve run out of arnica though.

But let’s be real, I can’t live my life with an ice pack strapped to my crotch and trapped in bed (watching awesome tv series, granted). I want to get Zumba dvds as a personal symbol that I am going to be fine. Fine. Maybe even walking just like normal next week.

(Damn these injections for wearing off. Damn me for believing I was fixed because they are so amazing. *Were* so amazing.)

Any of you buy Zumba and decide it wasn’t for you? Going to give them away anyway? I’ll give you my postal address. I am not kidding.

I just need to focus on the fact that I am going to improve, so I can stop thinking about wheelchairs and how I currently cannot physically care for my children.


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