Every day offers new gifts to your vagina.


Last Thursday I had an appointment with my physio, and mentioned in passing that I’ve peed myself while sneezing a lot lately. The next thing I know, she’s cocking her head and saying thoughtfully, ‘Yes, I think you could do with The Educator.’

Then she’s reaching into a cupboard and pulling out a little white package. In it is a tiny little dildo type thing, and three little sticks that hook together and attach to the dildo. You stick it in your vagina, and then when you do a pelvic floor squeeze, it makes the little stick dip down. This way you can see you’re doing it right, and also see how long you can properly hold those muscles before the stick begins to bob back up again.

Life is full of many gifts. The Educator is just one of them.

Don’t be jealous. I know your day of unexpected gift receiving is still on the horizon, and when it comes, your socks will be knocked right off.


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