Who feels sorry for who, now?


Today after swimming, we were in the change room with another mum and her two year old son.

‘Are they twins?’ she asked, nodding at Snort and Coconut. When I said yes, she continued, ‘Boy, do I feel sorry for YOU.’

I said something about how we had a lot of fun, and she said, ‘Fun?’ like she’d never heard the word before.

I left there thinking that I feel sorry for her. Sorry that she isn’t really enjoying her child (at least on this particular day), sorry that she imagines having another to be a horrible, hard thing to deal with.

I’m tired, yo. I’m tired and achy and am trying to figure out how to claw back some time for me. But I do have FUN. And I love my kids; I stand by what I’ve said since day one of knowing I was going to have twins. Twins are fucking awesome.


One Response to “Who feels sorry for who, now?”

  1. Christy Says:

    I’m very sad for her too. Hopefully she was just having a very stressful or off day and normally she’s happier.

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