Geographic tongue.
My injections have worn off.
I have no fatigue diseases.

How do you all get a break? I need to write a longer post about this, about the specifics of why I ask. I think I need the actual laptop for that though; my phone just won’t cut it.


One Response to “Yo.”

  1. mendylady Says:

    I abandon one or both children to my partner and go to my knitting group for even just an hour or so. If I have E with me, I don’t even expect to knit; I just go for the social part. (and then of course all her aunties want to play, so I get a semi-break from E anyway..)

    During the months when E’s needs and personality meant I didn’t get to go to knitting at all, I picked up a WoW habit. It’s not a physical break, but the mental one is almost as good, and I can do bits when the kids are asleep (lolsleep). Or I can turn on the TV and ignore them for a bit. 😉

    I pretty much fail at the whole play-on-the-floor thing tho.

    I also make sure to nap when they both do, which is most afternoons.

    I have a geographic tongue, too.

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