Campfire cooking.



In a previous life, I was a ‘camping professional.’ I lived in the woods all year round – alone in the winter. Yes, I scared myself shitless with my overactive imagination, but that’s a different story.

*This* story is about the fact that while I hate kitchen cooking, I can make just about any meal over a campfire. This morning I combined a traditional campfire dessert with the oven….and this is a fantastically easy and fun recipe for toddlers.

Get a banana, take off the bit of skin facing the ceiling when its lying down, cut a slit in the flesh, shove chocolate chips or buttons in, slam into the oven. See? Easy.

*insert public safety announcement* This is also tasty with mini marshmallows, but I don’t classify them as a safe food for young children due to the huge choking risk – the impossibility of getting them out of a throat while they expand from contact with saliva? No. A family friend sadly lost their child in this way, and on a recent baby/child specific first aid course, marshmallows were mentioned as the number one unsafe sweet. *end public safety announcement*

We weren’t patient enough to let the chocolate fully melt (despite the camp inspired entertainment of learning how to balance spoons on noses), but this morning snack was still a huge hit. Yum.

As my friend Plex the robot says, ‘Try it, you’ll like it.’

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One Response to “Campfire cooking.”

  1. natasha Says:

    Ah, I thought I was the only person who freaked out over children eating marshmallows! My children were offered them at a toddler group in the run up to Christmas, and I wasn’t sure whether to go with, “No thanks – we’re vegetarian.” Or, “No please they’re a choking hazard!”. Really, around here I’m the ‘freak-mum’ for making either of those statements…

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