Open wide.



This. This is what is breaking me.

Not the first weeks with twin newborns. Not the many hospital admissions last year. Not the isolation.

Not even the spd.

No, amoxcicillan (probably spelled wrong but that’s better for avoiding antibiotic druggies on Google) is breaking me.

First Snort was proscribed it yesterday. And giving it to him was hell. Or at least I thought so, before Coconut was proscribed it today and I learned what true hell is. Even better, Snort watched Coconut carefully and has taken tips on providing maximum resistance to ingesting medication.

I can’t describe it. I don’t want to. But doing it SIX times a day – just *thinking* about it – makes me very, very close to crying.

Sure, Coconut is very sick and now also needs inhalers. Sure, I had to break out the Sharpies (I now also carry one in my bag. Comes in handy several times a week) and label all sorts of shit – that banana favoured medicine from the devil himself, inhalers, spacers. At this rate I will need a nappy suitcase, not a nappy bag.

Sure, the doctor thinks Coconut might be getting the chicken pox. Sure, that means Snort will be close behind and our housebound paeds unit will carry on for a few more weeks. Sure, I’ll have to carry on with charting the million medications, temps, etc (charts, also the twin parent’s friend).

I don’t care about that shit.

I care about the amoxcicillan. I care about my sanity. I’d go have a quiet cry in the other room if Coconut would agree to get off my lap.

I miss and need my online friends.



13 Responses to “Open wide.”

  1. Lyssie Says:

    You’ve got my sympathy, I remember the banana flavour medicine well. That stuff is the work of the devil. Made worse I think by the fact it tastes nothing like it’s supposed to.

  2. Natasha Says:

    I’m so sorry you’re struggling. I don’t know what to suggest as my girls would lap anything up. Have you tried giving it in a spoon instead of syringe? Are you allowed to mix it with juice or milk in a bottle? Have you asked a pharmacist for tips? I really hope things get easier for you real soon. Hugs.

    • existere Says:

      Spoons are a major no go. Even syringes are very difficult – I’m basically pinning them down, they grit teeth, I eventually shoot small bit down side of mouth, they spit it out, repeat repeat repeat. Not allowed to mix with anything. 😦

  3. mamacrow Says:

    Oh you poor darling 😦 the only way ive managed this is to be as quick as possible. If they are gritting their teeth, aim the syring right at the back down the side of their mouth – there should be some toothless gum. If you press down gently in this ‘corner’ the jaw will open a little + u can squirt the stuff down the back of their throat.

    then we get our fave snack together and/or cuddle in front of a fave cartoon. If they show any spark of cooperation at all, I thank them for taking their medicine nicely, synpathise with their dislike of it + reasure them it will help them get better

    its horrid, but you will get through it xxx

    • existere Says:

      Here is a horrible question- if you do it all at once wouldn’t that make it easier to spit out? Even tiny amounts make coco gag to the point if almost vomiting, and she still manages to spit most of it out.

      • mendylady Says:

        shooting it straight down the back of their throat when they open up to howl works pretty well. I didn’t have the ovaries to try that until my second kid, tho. It’s too far back for them to do anything but swallow most, if not all, of it.

        • existere Says:

          Coconut is a master gagger and spitter out. Damn baby led weaning. I discovered today, though, tfat leaving the syringe all the way in along her cheek mostly prevents her from being able to spit it out.

  4. mendylady Says:

    I miss you, my friend. More than words can say. I’m sorry life has you by the short and curlies these days. 😦

  5. Christina Roberts Says:

    My kids love the bubble-gum (pink) flavored amoxicillin we have here in the states. Any possibility of getting a different flavor?

  6. mamacrow Says:

    I’m not into bribes either but I find a sweet or some chocolate (as you’ve discovered) to take the taste away (and to get them to swallow down any left in their mouth rather than spitting) is really helpful. After all, if I have to take a foul tasting medicine or supliment, I have some orange juice or chocolate afterwards to stop me gagging, so why shouldn’t they!

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