This minute.


The cat just threw up on the windowsill.
Snort has a severe ear infection and I have to
wrasstle him like an allygaytor
three times a day
with banana flavoured meds.

Coconut is only happy on my lap
or in a sling on my back
or in my arms.
You get the picture.

I think the cat threw up in the kitchen,
No one will want dinner because
everyone is sick.
Today is day three of our

Snort screamed ALL night long
I literally had 30 minutes sleep
TMD is working late tonight.

Thank god for The Crystal Maze.
It makes Snort happy.
Thank god for the mini horse drawn
It makes Coconut happy –
except when it makes her SCREAM
when the damn reins
disconnect AGAIN from that fucking
plastic horse.





One Response to “This minute.”

  1. pajamamommas Says:

    Hang in there! This day won’t last forever, even if it feels like it will. Hope everyone feels better soon, and that there are no more instances of feline vomit.

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