Embracing the holiday spirit.


No, I don’t mean ‘holiday’ as in trees covered with tinsel, I mean it as in ‘vacation.’ A time away from your normal life, where things somehow feel much more decadent. Chances are your whole immediate family are with you – no one has to work. Your two year old daughter wakes up at 5:30, comes into your bed where you have – ohmyamazinggod – tv in bed. She snuggles in under the blankets and learns about the glory of a good duvet and some tv. Your son feeds ducks out the patio door. And squirrels.

This place is so good because it’s clutter free, the days are yours to do with as you will, and it’s The Awesome. I suspect the level of awesome directly corresponds with the level of Suck when you return home, particularly for those of you in the workforce.

Well, screw it, I say. I don’t want our holiday to end. And to that extent, I declare every day Holiday Day. Because, let’s be objective about this, why shouldn’t it be? I no longer work. I have no set timetable to keep to, especially now that naps are pretty much a thing of the past. THE WORLD IS MY MOTHERFLIPPING OYSTER.

Yes, I am changing nappies time two (sigh, maybe a year from now there will be no more nappies….at least on these kids), layering myself and said children up like we are about to embark on an arctic hike every time we leave the house, and toiling with remembering vitamins and teeth brushing. But, hey, we had to do those things on holiday, too.

Living the spirit of the holiday means just relaxing more. Because, yes, I DID just order Domino’s at 3:30 pm on a Tuesday. Because, yes, we CAN drive forty minutes to go check out a semi-local museum that happens to be free. (Free things accelerate the holiday experience, which is odd as most holidays are not free.) Because, shitfire, if we want to stay in pajamas till ten and brush our teeth after lunch WE CAN.

None of this is new to any of you, I bet. But I sometimes feel like stressy urge to have everything figured out, amazing days planned, morning routines done by 9 am. This holiday stuff means I have worn fleece trousers every second this week that I have not been in public. It also means we have watched the twenty minute Corduroy movie seventeen times today, and no tv at all yesterday (but lots and lots of Christmas music!). And it’s all okay.

I can enjoy life because at this point I am lucky enough to not be a slave to work schedule, and PLUS I am hanging out with two year olds so it is now my job to do all the fun shit I want to do which might be seen as slightly creepy if I did it without children present.


I’ll have to stop now. Our pizza will be here soon.

YUM. Life is delicious.


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