Dream number one.


I’ve wondered what the kids dream about since they were very young babies and Coconut would uncontrollably laugh in her sleep. Well, yesterday I had my very first (exciting!) experience of knowing what was in one of their dreams.

My beeping watch woke the kids from The Longest Nap Ever. Well, it woke Snort. I went into their room and was sitting on the floor with Snort, when suddenly Coconut sat up looking VERY dazed and confused.

She kept looking around the room like she was trying to locate something, or figure out where the hell she was or something. Snort and I exchanged amused glances.

Then she starts going, ‘Castle? Castle? CASTLE?’

Her hair is all curls exploding everywhere and she’s still half asleep.


‘Were you dreaming you were in a castle?’ I asked.

‘Yes. Castle. Where is castle? Coconut sad.’

‘I’m sorry you’re sad. You were dreaming you were in a castle, and now you’re in your room.’ I had to go on, I couldn’t resist. ‘Wre you bouncing in the castle?’ (Thinking of bouncy castles/bounce houses/moonwalks/whatever you call them in your life.)

‘Yes.’ Big pause. She looks more awake now. ‘SWIMMING.;

‘You were swimming in a castle?’


Wow. What an excellent dream.


2 Responses to “Dream number one.”

  1. Lyssie Says:

    Wow what a great dream. My brother used to giggle in his sleep when we were little. I never figured out why though.

  2. Natasha Lund-Conlon (@NatashaLundConl) Says:

    Aw I’d love to know what my girls dream about 🙂 Anna often has nightmaires (always has, since only a few weeks old)… I often wondered what on earth a baby so young could be having nightmaires about.

    I’d love to share the happy dreams with them but, I must admit, it freaks me out when they laugh in their sleep. Especially as Anna has a habit of sitting bolt upright in bed, still asleep – eyes open, but glazed over, pointing across the room and laughing hysterically… And then as soon as she sat up she’ll flop back on the bed and appear to be in the deepest sleep. It’s freaky.

    I wonder if my twins ever share each other’s dreams. I know it sounds like an odd thing to say – they are individual minds, but they sometimes sleep in the EXACT same position, then when one will move, the other will move in the exact same way. Sometimes they will stretch in the same way at the same time, yawn or smile at the same time in their sleep… I wonder how deep this seemingly impossible connection goes.

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