For Christy. (AKA how do you get plugged in to your local home ed community?)


I’m no expert when it comes to home ed. My kids are only two. That being said, here are my ideas for finding out what’s going on near you!

Yahoo Groups seem to be a hotbed of home edding stuff – at least in this country. My local area has two, a general one and one for ‘early years’ (aka before official school age, which is four here). Most people seem to be signed up for other neighboring areas, as events are often cross posted. These groups largely seem to be a way for parents to communicate with other parents (though the odd young person chimes in!) about local events, bumps in the road, good ideas, etc.

Check out local or national organisations. Don’t want to say too much about which ones I’m interested in, as it’ll give away my location!, but these often host their own discussion groups (again, yahoo!), message boards, websites, etc. Some will send out lists with local home ed contacts. A side benefit is that once you pay an annual fee (if required, and usually small), you get a nifty membership card that comes with some serious discounts at national attractions (museums, craft shops, and on and on….).

Google. Yo. It’s how I found out that the city we want to move to has a dedicated home education page run by local families with shitloads of information. It’s also how I found out that the city my father-in-law will hopefully be moving to once we occupy his house actually has a home education community centre.

Books. Oh, we are doing our reading and research. And it’s making us feel very spectacular about the choices we are making, though I still have moments where I wonder if this is the right thing to do. But various books often list organisations and events in the back.

Big ol’ shindigs. Our country has some summer home ed get togethers – camping for a week with workshops, etc. You can also find big ol’ shindigs on twitter. Keywords to look for are: home education, home school/homeschool (I don’t like this terminology, as we are purposely NOT doing school, but whatever!), waldorf, steiner, montessori, unschooling. Please let me know of any other major ones I may have missed.

Anyway, hopefully this helps my (superstar internet friend) Christy, or some of the others of you that are thinking about starting to home educate.


One Response to “For Christy. (AKA how do you get plugged in to your local home ed community?)”

  1. Christy Says:

    Imagine my delight when I saw my name in the title. 🙂

    Thank you for the info. I always forget about Yahoo Groups till you remind me about them. I’m going to get right on looking up these things.

    Thanks again!

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