Why does swimming give me headaches?


So. I got a swim membership to a local pool. Monday night I went swimming for the first time – and had a slight headache afterward. Woke up at 4 am with a full on migraine, including forty minutes of stomach bile vomiting. Okaaaaaaay. Didn’t think much of it, except for it being another reminder of why pregnancy might suck.

Then last night I went swimming again. After twelve minutes – TWELVE – I got a headache again. So now I’m thinking that swimming equals headache, which is totally weird as in a past life (ie before children) I was quite the swimmer and was even a qualified lifeguard for a number of years. Swimming is not headache fodder for me – or the old me, at least. If anything, swimming has magical powers. My last year in university I was the sole lifeguard in a grungy little inner city pool. I dry shaved my bikini line like every day and nothing bad ever happened. See? Magic.

So, why am I getting headaches?

The physical exertion? The new goggles? The what the fuck? Any ideas, because I’m going to keep swimming, folks.

(In semi-related news, it’s a lot easier to swim 56 laps the first time you go swimming. The second time, when your muscles are already tired from 56 Monday laps AND going swimming with your toddlers that same day? Not so easy.)


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3 Responses to “Why does swimming give me headaches?”

  1. Lyssie Says:

    Something to do with the chlorine maybe? As a kid it always used to make me feel massively sick.

  2. existere Says:

    I am now thinking it’s food related. As in, I need to make sure I eat a high energy snack afterward.

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