5 to 6 pm.


Five o’clock.

Arrive home from swimming. (out of the house from 2:30 to 4:40 for forty minutes of swimming. Ah, twins.)

On the way home I couldn’t help but notice the giant moon. (Or Coconut chanting, ‘Moon, moon’) Snort has an obsession with our friend in the sky, so we hopped out of the car and did a moon walk. Went through woods to the big park behind our house. Impossibly played on equipment despite not having night goggles on.


Someone asks to wear underpants. Five minutes later I am scrubbing poop covered Yo Gabba Gabba pants with handwash, using my fingers.

It is past time to make dinner. To see a picture of the hellhole, see my recent twitter posts. Snort offers to help cook.

I put the kids to use via snapping long spaghetti noodles into smaller pieces.

Then I put on Golddigger and do a VERY loud opening solo, dancing in MY underpants, to an enraptured sell out audience of two.

Coconut grabs two spoons, so we all grab two spoons, and proceed to have a moshpit in the aforementioned hellhole of my kitchen.

I make garlic bread. I wonder why I am not starring in an ad for underpants for the store I bought them from.

I blog/break up wrestling/sing while spaghetti and bread cooks.

Then it’s six.



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