This is me, with the laptop open and on my lap for the first time in what? A year? I no longer have time or opportunity to write during the day. However, I would like to get back on track with Weight Watchers online (would prefer meetings, but this is cheaper and I’m giving it a go for the next month, which is already paid for). So I need the kids to get used to me having the odd five minutes on the computer again.

So, here’s my rambly ramblings.

First, it’s Monday. At first I was all manic trying to figure out where we could go this morning, then I realised it’s more fun – and less expensive – to wear sweatpants (me) or nothing (Coconut) or normal clothes (Snort) and build traintracks, strip clothes off babydolls, and loiter in regards to our morning shenanigans/chores (vitamins, inhalers, teeth brushing, etc).

I may take the kids swimming later on.

Next, I like bargains. Cheap bargains. But enough 3.00 deals from eBay add up. To that end, I have spent a further 10.00 on this awesome new planner which I am using as a self-improver. I’ll take pics and upload later. But there’s stuff I need to do every day, and I do function better with lists and checkmarks and accountability. So I’m pretty excited about that. I will also track my expenditure.

I lost my 60 pounds last time by writing things down. It’s also how I’ve lost 40 pounds this time, and hopefully how I will lose the final 40 pounds. So it stands to figure I can also ‘lose’ the habit of spending more than is strictly necessary?

Argh. Kids both demanding to watch videos of Walnut as the computer is open. More later.


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One Response to “Monday.”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Are you able to access Sparks People? It’s a free site that allows you to track you food and gives you nutritional breakdown. I really liked how it can help me see in concrete numbers where my diet is lacking (for me, my protein intake is wonky).

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