Baby 3.0? Or baby


Some lightweight conversation about baby 3.0 has happened. We really need about 6,000 more years of conversation, but time is not on our side. No decisions about any aspect of baby 3.0 have happened, except to say we’d quite like another child. And while we have two women in the equation, I’m really only okay with blogging about my personal experience until I get some TMD permission. And my experience at this point? Says no way in hell can I think about pregnancy before I:

a) lose remaining weight. Or at least enough to get me light enough to be okayed for donating eggs, though the lighter the better (for my joints, for future pregnancy gain).

b) manage to gain some core stability, since my pelvis is still freakishly wobbly. I’m seeing a new expert physio, who is very surprised indeed that 2+ years post birth I’m still getting pain in the pubis symphasis.

Whether I get pregnant or not – whether anyone gets pregnant – I do need to sort out my muscles. It’s pretty key.  I suspect more entries of the whining, self-righteous, or __________ may follow.


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