Welcome to the freakshow.


It’s really, really early in the morning. No one else is awake. (5:46 and I’ve already been up for an hour. At least the clocks changed so it isn’t as bad as it seems).

I was woken by a nightmare about Domino’s pizza.

I found huge ratnest clumps of human hair in my pizza.

When I woke up, I continued the dream in my awake, lazy thinking way. I ended up in an imaginary conversation with the shop manager. And just talking about my kids accidentally eating someone else’s hair? Made me dry heave.

So here I am, on the internet, in a concentrated effort to force my mind to other subjects so I don’t throw up on my clean sheets.



One Response to “Welcome to the freakshow.”

  1. Christy Says:

    I’d say that qualifies for terrible nightmare status. I think you love pizza just about as much as I do and I know how much I would be upset about someone ruining my pizza and I can’t even imagine my kid eating something like that. See I can’t even type it out. Yuck.

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