I don’t really know why people say I am an oversharer.


So, you guys, I keep wanting to share this one thing. It’s a thing I discovered while in the shower, and instantly needed to share with the whole wide world – but I only remember I want to share it when I’m IN the shower, which is usually about thirteen hours before I sit down to blog. You see the problem.

Sometime last week (?) I discovered my first white hair. Yes, she was not grey, she was white. At least I think she was – I didn’t have my glasses. Though obviously I yelled for TMD and had her confirm that I had a non-normal coloured hair in my hand.

My hair is now quite long – about an inch lower than my bra on my back (and my bra is properly positioned, not way up high on my back in an inappropriate and unsupportive place). And, um, my hair seems to accumulate in my ass while I shower. I can’t be the only one this happens to?

When I get to the point of washing my tootsie, and my tootsie’s crack, there is head hair in there. And of course I need to pull it out. So – this is where my long, white hair was. In my ass crack. Of course it was a hair that voluntarily jumped ship – I wonder if it unattached to my scalp because it was a loner, or more feeble and aged or something.

So. Wave your hands in the air if you have white hair. And shimmy shake till your shower breaks if you have head hair that falls out and gets caught between your butt cheeks.


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5 Responses to “I don’t really know why people say I am an oversharer.”

  1. Jo Says:


    I certainly have white hairs, though unfortunately, they are most prominent front and center on my head. Argh.

    As to finding hairs in my ass crack, I can’t say that I have. But I have very short hair, so maybe that helps? 🙂

  2. Jells Says:


    I thought I was the only one who ended up with my hair turning rogue & hiding in my crack in the shower. That was…. until my 18 year old daughter told me it happens to her. Obviously we’re shedders and when we shed in the shower, to our butt crack it goes.

    As for the white hair. I’m 37, I’ve had rogue whites for 5 years now. It makes me sad.

  3. mendylady Says:

    I’m about to turn 35, and found my first full-length white a good ten years ago. I was sad then, now it’s fairly common.

    I just try to make sure my hair doesn’t accumulate *before* the shower… it’s about hip-length now.

  4. Mel Says:


    Only my hair accumulates pretty much everywhere’ I swear, I shed more than my cats. I feel like I’m always pulling clumps of it out in the shower and sticking it to the walls before it clogs the drain. Easily adds 10 minutes to my shower routine now that my hair is below my shoulders.

    My loan white hair also must have jumped ship, because I haven’t seen it lately. Though, with hair as thick as mine (impressive, considering how much I seem to loose every time I shower), one never can tell.

  5. Christy Says:

    LOL. You are too funny. My hair is now almost waist length again and yes it gets caught in my ass crack all the time. It is such a pain… in the well ass.

    I’m 35 and don’t think I have any white/gray head hairs, but I have found a few white eyebrow hairs and worse white lady garden (thank you for that phrase) hairs.

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