Venturing out into the world of home education….outside of the home!


Yesterday morning we went to our first Home Ed group. I was excited to see what the other families were like, in particular the children. And I’ll let you in on a secret: if you’ve done any reading into Home Education, all the stuff that sort of looks like crazy propoganda –

Children of all ages play together.

The older children are inclusive of younger ones.

Children are very sociable and able to converse easily with adults and children both younger and older than themselves.

IT IS ALL TRUE. Within two minutes one of the older girls was showing Coconut that she had brought a rabbit, too. When Snort wanted to play with this mini grappling hook a much older boy had made (and said boy was 60 feet up a tree), he said, ‘Sure, he can play, as long as he doesn’t strangle himself. Someone watch him!’

The same kid later made MY kids a mini grappling hook, but he made it all toddler friendly with lots of different coloured yarns and very well secured with tape. ‘Would Coconut like this? I made it for her because she was playing with mine and I thought she might like one of her own.’ I was effing blown away.

Of course I like kids in general, very much, but these kids seemed extra delightful.

We were the only toddlers there. The next youngest child was probably about seven, and she and I became fast friends. And while we were there? Coconut stopped being glued to me for the first time in about two months. She ran around, she climbed fences, she laughed and played with another rabbit. Snort pretended straws were keys and tried to open all doors, he ran around like crazy exploring trees and mud and puddles.

Seeing a bunch of kids blowing paint through straws, climbing trees, and working collaboratively to build a pirate ship  – rather than being stuck behind a desk in school – was pretty much awesome. It made me feel really excited about what the future years of home education have in store for us.


3 Responses to “Venturing out into the world of home education….outside of the home!”

  1. Ash Says:

    Love this story. Totally reinforces why I want to homeschool!!!

  2. So do you want to socialise, or BE socialized? One sounds much more active (and fun!) than the other. « existere (latin): to stand out, to emerge. Says:

    […] existere (latin): to stand out, to emerge. existence as becoming, bursting forth. « Venturing out into the world of home education….outside of the home! […]

  3. rationaljenn Says:

    This is exactly how we got started, by going to different playdates with local homeschool groups when my oldest was very young (about 3, I think, he’s now 9.5), too small to really be taking any kind of official classes at the co-op.

    We met some lovely families that way and we are still friends with them today. Our kids have friends who are their ages, and older, and younger. And I’ve made some great friends out of the moms and dads, too. We all support each other, answer questions, offer resources and ideas, laugh, talk seriously, and share in the joys of all of our children.

    Homeschooling is the most fun ever. 😀

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