Weirdest comment about our rainbow family.


Random lady to Snort and Coconut at storytime: Where’s your mummy this morning?

TMD: I’m their other mummy.

Lady: Are you like their nanny or something?

TMD: No, I’m their other mum. They have two mums. Existere is my partner.

Lady, after pause: Oh, that’s complex.

(wtf? Complex? What a weird comment.)

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4 Responses to “Weirdest comment about our rainbow family.”

  1. Sara Says:

    Love how a two-parent family is somehow ‘complex’

  2. Bobbie Says:

    Only complex to a simple mind.

  3. mendylady Says:

    I think that must have been her (exceedingly awkward) attempt to be polite/inclusive.

    Weird. Very weird.

  4. Christy Says:


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