Writing contest a go go.


You know the whole writing contest that I posted a million entries about and then never mentioned again? Here’s me, mentioning it. Popularity wise I’m doing very well. I’ve got a lot of ratings and am holding steady at 65%. May not sound like much, but this is where all the most popular ones are – aside from those with two votes who have scores of 80%.

So. The scores mean nothing, but they I am still checking in every morning to see if I have new ratings and/or feedback. Right before I go check the hour-by-hour weather forecast.

Yes, my early mornings are awesome.  Not as awesome as the video I put in my last post, though. You guys know I never put random videos up – in fact, I HATE that shit on other blogs – so for me to put it up, it’s something unmissable. Warning, though: once you’ve seen it you can’t unsee it.


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