Best morning ever~!


Best morning ever.
Ever ever.

Put our money into the machine
to park,
ran across morning mist fields,
swung, slide, spun.

Climbed across a rope bridge,
on your own, little girl.
Persevered across that rope bridge,
with some help, little boy.

Ran wildly to the water’s edge,
scattering crow and heron and duck.
Never stopped running, straight in,
screaming in glee as you
plowed over the rocks,
stopped to pick some up,
threw them.


She ran in after you,
a little less sure of her footing,
fell full body into the water.

Fast forward.

Two topless children on this October
morning, summer’s last heat clinging
to us the way
the water beads cling to her curls,
his spikes.

Shorts saturated,
rocks being thrown,
thank god we wore Crocs.

Climbed out,
walked over a big bridge,
wearing wetish shirts and no pants,
found the geese.

Broke crackers into crumbs and threw them,
gasped, FISH!!
when the giant carps swam up
mouths opening and shutting
so wide
they could have swallowed your hands.

Walked back.
In the car we listened to the
tick tick tick
chanting, before saying in unison,

Wheels on the bus singing,
laughing wildly over speed bumps
and we took a detour
on an extra bumpy road.

Now you sleep,
after days of no napping,
and I feel full up.



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