Blood. Sponsored by the TMI working group.


After being told during the first round of injections that it could mess up my period, I got my period a week early.

After this round? I have been bleeding every day since the tenth. Everyone join me in a healthy round of WTF.

You can imagine bleeding for sixteen days is making me need chocolate – though the steroids also apparently cause sweet cravings.

This is just like the weeks after giving birth….in the wondering if I’ll ever stop bleeding kind of way.


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2 Responses to “Blood. Sponsored by the TMI working group.”

  1. Christy Says:

    OMG, that sucks so much. I occasionally have a period that lasts on and off for 10-12 days, but it’s mostly spotting after the first 5 days or so. I just can’t imagine how much it would suck to have a heavy period last that long. Good luck.

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