Good timing.


One – my fake surgery yesterday, leaving me not as limber and pain free as usual (ha!).

Two – Snort’s miserableness and cold escalated to bad breathing problems last night. We were both* literally up all night, giving him whopping doses of inhalers, packing hospital bags, and weighing up pros and cons of keeping him home for the night so he could try to rest.

TMD took him in this morning. It’s bad, but as a consequence they have given immediate and aggressive treatment. Hopefully he’d be home by tonight.

(last hospital admission was my wife’s first week in a new role. This week is her first week in a different role. Awesome.)

Three – for the first time ever, our toilet has backed up.

You know, I’m feeling surprisingly sanguine about all this. Snort is on a new protocol and I’m playing fake doctor from home, sending inquisitive texts. His latest inhaler is green and white, the colours of my university. That’s nice school spirit.

* my phone tried to change ‘both’ into ‘Borg.’ Niiiiice.


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3 Responses to “Good timing.”

  1. Natasha Says:

    Who have you been sending star trekkie texts to? Hmmmm?

    I really hope Snort is home soon. Sending get well vibes his way x

  2. TMD Says:

    Once you are Borg the word “both” becomes redundant. Once a trekkie…

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